Pacific States Aviation at KCCR is currently hiring full time Flight 

Instructors with following qualifications: 

  1. Good moral character
  2. Excellent and positive attitude
  3. FAA Commercial Pilot License (ASEL & AMEL) with Instrument Rating
  4. CFI (CFII and MEI preferred)
  5. At least hold FAA 3rd class medical
  6. Should be able to work legally in USA
  7. Should have no criminal record
  8. No DUI in past 5 years
  9. Willing to teach foreign students


  1. CFII training will be provided for FREE by the company.
  2. 15% discount will be offered towards MEI training.
  3. All standardization flights are FREE.
  4. Day and Night flight currency is FREE (0.5 hours limited).
  5. 1 hour of Redbird AATD simulator flight FREE every month.
  6. Shared housing at discounted rate may be offered if available.
  7. At least 4 full time students will be provided.
  8. 80 to 100 plus flight time per month possible. Plus ground instruction.
  9. Interested flight instructors can teach ground school also.
  10. Part 135 operations pilot opportunity once you qualify.

Hiring Process: 

  1. Fill out general information form below
  2. A PSA representative will contact you for a resume (with all flight times and aircraft flown & times)
  3. Phone interview
  4. Invitation for face to face meeting and teaching ground lessons
  5. Check flight in a C172R/S
  6. Company and facility tour (if you pass 3 & 4)
  7. Hiring orientation and standardization (Part 141 and 61)


  • CFI certificate holder will start at $20 per hour.
  • CFI & CFII certificate holder will start at $22 per hour.
  • CFI, CFII & MEI certificate holder will start at $24 per hour.
  • Company offers medical insurance to full time flight instructors.
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